Chelmsford Scaffolding Company

Chemlsford based scaffolding and scaffolding hire company.

Merk Scaffolding provides efficient scaffolding services and scaffolding hire services to Chelmsford and surrounding areas. Whether it’s a large or small residential home or a commercial property in the Chelmsford area looking to use scaffolding to support construction projects, we offer end-to-end scaffolding services and design. We also service domestic and individual private residences in the Chelmsford area.

Scaffolding Hire, Scaffolding Design and Scaffolding Erection in Chelmsford.

Merk Scaffolding offers scaffolding hire and scaffolding services in the Chelmsford area. We work with department stores, hotels, commercial buildings, retail, residential buildings, schools and construction companies in this area. We offer the following services in Chelmsford:

  • Scaffolding Erection
  • Scaffolding Design
  • Scaffolding Hire
  • Scaffolding Planning
  • Scaffolding Assembling
  • Scaffolding Dissembling

All clients based in the Chelmsford area will be allocated a dedicated account manager.


We offer free (no obligation) quotes for businesses in the Chelmsford area. If you have an idea of the service we may be able to help with you can email us or if you would like a conversation to discuss further, you can contact us to discuss your requirements and can arrange a quotation over the phone. Please use the ‘contact us’ to arrange a quotation.

Weekly client visits in the Chelmsford area

We offer weekly on-site visits to the Chelmsford area for all scaffolding clients. Merk Scaffolding can also supply complete scaffolding removal throughout any project to all scaffolding clients in the Chelmsford area. Please contact us to discuss your unique requirements to see how we can help you with ensuring your premises or home is supplied with the best scaffolding.

Any questions? Get in touch.

If you are looking for a company to help with scaffolding requirements please let us know and we can inform you of our prices.

Chelmsford Scaffolding Hire

We have offered scaffolding hire in Chelmsford for over 40 years.

Chelmsford Scaffolding Firm

We are specialists in residential and commercial scaffolding in the Chelmsford area.

Chelmsford Specialised Scaffolding

We complete all levels of scaffolding construction projects, both small and large scale.